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Fired Up and Ready To Go!

Dear Friends,

I spent this past weekend at Camp Obama with 150 of the most passionate men and women that I have ever had the honor or pleasure to meet.  These were people like you and I who have, over the last 8 years, watched our country’s reputation on the international stage plummet to a level that I never thought I would see in my lifetime.   These are people like you and I who have lost jobs, who have lost healthcare, who have lost a home or tragically lost a beloved son or daughter in a war that never should have happened.   These are people who are ready to stand for change.

I believe this country is at a crossroads in history where the mobilization of the American voter is the key element to reclaiming a Democratic victory in November.  I have dedicated myself to helping make this a reality.  There are 45 days left.

I need your help because this is a race where we have no choice.  This is a race we must win.

How you can help

  • Volunteer your time in PA, we will transport you there and back.
  • Host an organization meeting
  • Host a debate party!
  • Volunteer your board room or office for phone banking.
  • Volunteer your contacts and pass along this message to others.
  • Help me find lawyers, who want to volunteer their time on election day at the polls
  • If you have family member in a battleground state that would like to house a field organizer like myself please let me know.
  • Host a phone bank party
  • Volunteer in the New York Office
  • Volunteer to drive volunteer s to PA and other battleground states.

I invite you to stand with us and stand for CHANGE!


Jacqueline Noguera

Field Organizer

Obama for America


November 2018
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