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the aig mess


Unfortunately, the AIG execs could have been easily replaced and further, those contracts could have been renegotiated prior to the payout. My feeling is that now AIG should be broken up since their involvement in the crisis is tantamount to a monopoly and the FBI should now weed out the decision makers that are responsible for their own failure. I realize the forensic accounting could take some time but it is the only way to get to the bottom of this.


a little too close for comfort

NEO 2009 DD45 passed within 50,000 miles of Earth last week. I just thought it was a sort of carpe diem, ducks in a row, please don’t loot but feel free to have more sex alert. Unfortunately, we’re a bit too self absorbed for that kind of reaction.


O Desk and Cafe Press

Just a quick note to pass along to those looking for additional work or projects. O Desk is a website clearing house of sorts where you can work on projects from home for pay. I’ve done a few projects and was very satisfied with the results. Also, for those of you who have some artistic talent, you might also consider opening a CafePress store. You can design shirts and other products with little investment of money. I make about $100 to 150 per month off my store and though it is a small amount, it comes in really handy. Good luck to everyone out there!



I made this slideshow last week.  I had not made a video in about a year and hadn’t really been all that inspired to do so either but I heard this song while watching Deadliest Catch and was hooked…no pun intended.  The artist is Jon Heintz.


Hurricane Ike stengthens as he comes ashore

30 PM EDT  Courtesy Accuweather

Hurricane Ike - 7:30 PM EDT Courtesy Accuweather

This storm is going to change very quickly over the next few hours and things have changed quite a bit in the last 24 hours.  Ike is pickng up speed as it comes ashore and is now predicted to make landfall MUCH earlier than previously predicted.  Not early Saturday morning but perhaps within the next few hours well before midnight as it is only 110 miles now off the coast of Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula.   The peninsula looks to take the full brunt of the storm as it is in the way of the very powerful Northeast Quadrant of the storm which historically is the most dangerous part of any hurricane.

I got an email from a subscriber this afternoon about storm surge.

“Why are they (the media) saying that the storm surge in Galveston will be over 20 feet but further down the coast only up to 7 feet.  Why is it so different even though it’s within a 20 mile area?”

First, thanks for your very adroit question and second, the reason is simply geography.  As in tsunami conditions, as the waves come in the water is coming up the continental shelf. Therefore you’ll see greater damage where there is less resistance e.g. where the shelf has a longer sloping, gentle grade.

Storm Surge - Sloping Grade  Courtesy NOAA

That storm surge will be much greater and catastrophic in destruction than where the shelf has a sharper drop off.

That’s one reason.  Another reason is in this case parts of the Houston area could see CAT 4 style storm surge because the land is low lying (bayou wetland areas) and indeed at a lower elevation than at seaside.  In addition, coastal communities south of the Houston area down the coast will not receive as much of a punch from the wind as from the eye landfall area and the Northeast Quadrant.  The eye is roughly 75 miles wide at present.

Storm Surge Diagram - Courtesy NOAA

Storm Surge Diagram - Courtesy NOAA

According to the latest reports from KHOU in Houston, there are more than 24,000 folks that stayed to ride out the storm on Galveston Island.  Hurricane force winds should begin to hit the island by 6:00 pm CDT this evening and going through the night until daybreak.  When will it end?  The current prediction is sometime Saturday afternoon.


here comes hanna

Hanna and Ike - September 5, 2008  Courtesy NOAA

Hanna and Ike - September 5, 2008 Courtesy NOAA

Well most of the day the wind was coming out of the South South East.  I just checked the windspeed and Hanna is up to 70mph just 5mph short of a CAT 1.  So we’ll see what happens overnight, we’re starting to get the first rain bands now as I write this at 11:32pm.  I cannot believe that Ike is headed right for the Gulf again.  Incredible.


brian ross, my hero

Brian Ross is perhaps one of the most important investigative reporters to come along in years.  His reporting on the DNC and RNC was first rate and I hope that Americans take notice and be aware of what is going on.   In his series of reports for ABC News called ‘On The Money Trail’, he and his producers made bold progress in exposing Congress’ dirty secret.   I am completely underwhelmed by the actions of both parties with regards to lobbist parties disguised as ‘fundraisers’ for charity.  It’s the bane of whatever good government tries to do.  Did I say, ‘good government’?  Does that even exist?  

Have a look at Brian’s reporting here:  On The Money Trail

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