oh no he di’int


Palin?  He chose her?  Now I’m cool with a woman candidate but come on now folks.  Was that the “best” candidate that the Republican party can produce?  This is where we laugh right?  18 months as governor of a state that has roughly the population of a mid-sized mid west city.  She was mayor of a small town of 9000 and a soccer mom.   Groovy.  Okay I feel safe now.  Sure, she can sit next to the big red button no worries…NOT!  And she backtracked on the bridge to nowhere.  Let’s get something straight.  The bridge went to Ketchikan which is and has been serviced by Ferry for EVER.  They called it a bridge to nowhere because Ketchikan IS nowhere.  I know I’ve been to Ketchikan (TWICE) on my way to Haines which is ALSO nowhere.  No offence intended.  They are both beautiful nowheres but that was the point.  The folks that live there don’t want to live somewhere they move to Southeastern Alaska to drop off the map.  Ask them they’ll tell you.  They thought the bridge was a dumb idea in the first place.  Huff huff. 

I won’t go into the exploits of her 17 year old daughter either.  That stuff happens in all kinds of families and to put this girl in front of the media  is pretty unfair.  Besides, I’ll bet she’s been feeling like a moron for the past 5 months and kicking herself hard enough thankyouverymuch.   Let’s stick with the mother who thinks Creationism should be taught in the schools and by the way is pretty cozy with the oil giants.  And the real headslapper is that she doesn’t believe in Global Warming either.  Swell.  Heartbeat away from the Presidency sitting next to the button that by the way won’t harm the environment if she pushes it.  Go get her you media hounds out there and put THAT under the Klieg lights and toast her!  And ask her if she thinks that teaching abstinence really works will you?

Is she just a token?  Is that why I feel so offended?  Are the Republicans that scared of women?  Huh?  What was that?  Did you hear it?  Did those million cracks in the glass ceiling just seal up?  I wonder if she can spell potato?


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