and you got us feelin’ alright…

“Piano Man” closed the show at Shea the other night and it was just brilliant. Everyone singing to the one and only Piano Man. Great crowd, plenty of beer and one of the best singer songwriter’s of our generation. Every song brought back a specific memory of a time and place in my youth.

Sitting my room listening to “Allen Town” over and over memorizing the lyrics. I bought the album on vinyl and then had to purchase it on cassette since I wore it out! Or the two weeks I spent on that sales blitz in Amagansett with a SWEEEET convertible rental car with “Downeaster Alexa” blasting on the car stereo sing the Ya Ya Yoh’s at the top of lungs! Or my first recording gig with Paul Gadke singing, “It’s Still Rock Roll To Me” for my Mom’s birthday. She loved it. Or tearing up every time I played Good Night Saigon” thinking of my brother, Vic out at sea on the USS Independence praying that he was safe and sound. Spending hours in front of MTV waiting for the “Pressure” video to come on.

My second time in New York City was audition day for theatre school with my handy Walkman full of tunes including “New York State Of Mind”. I walked around Manhattan for hours afterward dreaming of living in this place, knowing I belonged here and cursing myself for not putting any real effort into learning the piano. Ahh well.

Or months and months of mourning after my fiance died in 1989 “And So It Goes” being one of my treasured music cathartic prayers for peace during that time.

That whole evening at Shea, my life passed before my eyes and you know what? It looked pretty damn good!


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